The second stage in the project "FREELANCER" involves developing innovative and relevant training for job seekers and aspiring freelancers. The aim is to boost freelancers' ability to overcome challenges in the post-pandemic world. Some of those challenges include the development of new digital business models, new ways of working, and digital threats. The learning platform can also be used to complement vocational training. Possible topics include:

  1. Introduction to Freelancing: Understanding the Concept and Benefits
  2. Developing a Freelance Mindset: Transitioning from Employee to Freelancer
  3. Identifying Business Opportunities: Finding Your Niche
  4. Business Planning for Freelancers: Laying the Foundations for Success
  5. Marketing Strategies for Freelancers: Branding and Audience Engagement
  6. Financial Management for Freelancers: Budgeting and Cash Flow
  7. Time Management for Freelancers: Balancing Work and Life
  8. Online Presence Management: Social Media and Digital Marketing
  9. Freelancer Customer Service: Building Client Relationships
  10. Growing Your Freelance Business: Expansion Strategies

*The list is not final and will be refined as the project progresses.

Training details will be provided soon. Stay tuned!